Assistance Cards Costa Rica

Emergency Assistance Card!

Are you traveling to Costa Rica with your family and want to be sure to avoid any problems? Are you concerned about not speaking Spanish? Is this your first visit to a Central American country? And maybe you are a little scared about discovering a new country?

With our Emergency Assistance Card*, help is just a phone call away!!

It's easy to visit Costa Rica as an independent traveler and it's safe, but sometimes the unexpected occurs to mar your vacation and leave you puzzled as to what to do next. With the Emergency Assistance Card, you can reach our team by phone and ask for help.

Order Now and avoid those vacation nightmares!

Some Examples Using the Emergency Assistance Card:

  • You are robbed either at your hotel or your car is broken into or you are robbed in person.
  • Your passport is stolen -- how to get a replacement.
  • Your rental car has a problem and you can't get in touch with the agency.
  • You or someone you are traveling with gets sick.
  • You've returned your rental car and gone to the airport and your flight has been cancelled and the airline has not given you any help.
  • A crime has been committed against you and you don't know how or where to contact the police.
  • You've been in a car accident --whether simple or serious -- and you don't know what to do.
  • You booked a shared van shuttle but it never showed up and the company is no help.
  • You booked a private driver and he never showed up and the company is no help.
  • Your flight was delayed and the rental car company where you had booked your car is closed.
  • Etc…

*Once you have purchased our Emergency Assistance Card, you will be given our Hotline Phone Number.